DH Lawrence Pavillion

Saturday 8th June 2019

12pm to 6pm

DH Lawrence Pavillion, University of Nottingham

A6005, University Boulevard

All trans people, significant others and families are welcome

Picnic Time!

The intent is to create a safe space where all trans people can be themselves in the sun, with other members of the community around us reminding us that we are not alone.

What happens in that space is down to the picnic'rs, as long as it is respectful to the other people attending the picnic.

The picnic is a safe space for all Trans community members. We consider partners, friends & family members to be part of that community.

Bring a Blanket

This picnic is about celebrating Trans identity.

During the afternoon there will an open mic, various information stalls relevant to the Trans and the opportunity to network or just hang out.

You are welcome to bring your own food and drink to the picnic, or alternatively food and drink can be purchased from the Lakeside Café.

Who Are We

The Committee is made up of members of the trans community, with support from:

- Nottingham City Council
- University of Nottingham
- Nottingham City Police

Further Info

Clearly identified marshals will be present at all times on the day, with support from Campus Security if required.

As well as the cafe the Lakeside Centre also houses toilet facilities. Currently the only gender neutral toilets in the building are the disabled facilities.

The University have confirmed that picnic'rs should use the facilities they feel comfortable with.